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Micronized powder of calcite

Calcium carbonate is one of the most widely used minerals used in the paper industry, plastics, paints and coatings as both filler and color coating (due to its special white color). In the paper industry, due to its high brightness and the dispersion of its light It is valued in the whole world

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Micronized powder bentonite

Bentonite was first named in 1890 in the Benton District of Montana. Bentonite is an igneous mineral mineral created from volcanic ash containing smectite, due to its permeability in its structure as well as negative charge, it is capable of absorbing water and high inflation.

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Micronized powder of barite

Barite is mainly barium ore, which causes a great deal of variation in barium compounds. One of the applications is to protect against x-rays. Barite has the ability to prevent X-rays and gamma radiation from escaping.

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Strategy and mission of Hakim Sanat Avizhe Company

The main use of bentonite in the south-east of the country is in the pelletizing and drilling wells (mineral and oilfield). The prospect of converting Kerman province to the country’s steel production center requires the construction of a bentonite powder production plant suitable for pelletizing factories, in addition to producing this important material inside the province, an effective step in localizing the production and employment of the province.

Preparation and production of all kinds of micronized powders such as barite, bentonite and calcite
Providing and executing technical and engineering services and consulting in the field of exploration of minerals, extraction and processing
Supervising, advising and setting up industrial units
Transfer of modern technologies and import of industrial and industrial components and equipment
Manufacturing and supplying industrial parts
Export of mineral products
Implementation of projects in the field of design, construction, installation of industrial and mining units
Providing technical and engineering services and consulting in environmental matters
Design, computing, implementation and supervision and consulting of construction projects
Activities in the field of construction and construction of earth structures, embankment, excavation, road and road construction
Presentation and implementation of mapping and mapping projects


Goals and prospects

  • Achieving the motto of Hakim Sanat Eyyeh
  • Our products are only high quality products of the country
  • Register or buy mines to supply feed
  • Construction of a production line in the company’s mining mines
  • Getting to the target market

The strengths of Hakim Sanat Avizhe products

  • Proximity to primary feedstock mines according to the weight of Kerman industrial soil in Zarand
  • The processing system is up-to-date with low energy consumption and low manpower requirements as a result of reduced cost
  • The stability of the line or the term stable (in the event of a breakdown of each part, the remainder of the work continues) at worst, the product gives its customer
  • Commercialization of new products and processes is two to three times as much as competitors
  • The application of two to three times the technology in products and services, compared to competitors
  • Technology development and product presentation to the market, in less than half of the usual time
  • Number of products more than competitors
  • Compete in wider geographic markets than competitors

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